Paris Fashion Week: Ooh La La, Louis Vuitton!

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2018-2019
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain (Getty Images)

Go, #TeamNatural! Paris Fashion Week ended with natural hair trending strongly on the runways, and Louis Vuitton’s show was no exception. Along with showcasing natural hair, designer Nicholas Ghesquière returned to the house of Louis Vuitton this season after a long absence from the runways and showed his own variation of the primary colors in patchwork patterns that appeared in designer collections on almost every Fall/Winter 2018-2019 catwalk. Ghesquière’s interpretation showed up on corset belts that are a sexy and simple-to-wear update for a fall wardrobe.

Black against primary or neon colors is also a directional color theme for fall. Vuitton illustrated a prevailing mood in fashion that sexy has its place, but only if it also somehow says power. For instance, notice a flounce of details on one side of the shirt tucked into a high-waisted belt, so as not to be over-the-top (no pun intended) sexy. And elements of menswear like tweed were feminized with beaded trims and ruffles, creating a capelet effect as a pretty version of padded power shoulders.


Opera-length gloves for both day and night were another fixture in the accessories category this season. Whether in satin, leather or neoprene, they quickly elevate an outfit to fashionista status with the snap of the wrist.

Meanwhile, athleisure is fading away from the fashion footrace, with sneakers being outpaced by chunky-but-elegant heels. Take note, fashion lovers: Bold straps also pick up the patchwork theme on shoes and boots. At Vuitton, other microtrends that added up to a big new look for fall were stripes, lariats and shoulder-duster earrings with statement pearls on delicate chains.

You can check out the full Louis Vuitton presentation below and let The Glow Up know which looks you love. Hope you enjoyed our ongoing global fashion coverage. We’ll see you again on the runways next season!

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