Ponytails and Protective Styles, Meet Pattern: Tracee Ellis Ross Debuts Accessories Made for the Moment

If like me, you’re finding yourself relying heavily on ponytails, buns and a growing array of protective styles as the pandemic wages on, you’re not alone. Since our social lives have mostly become comprised of social media, as of late, some aspects of our personal grooming routines have understandably become a bit more...lax. Besides, if the goal of quarantining is to protect ourselves, why not take the opportunity to indulge in some protective styling, as well?

With that ethos top of mind—or rather, top of head—the newest offerings from Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty couldn’t have dropped at a better time. Not content with simply producing our new favorite leave-in conditioner, the growing haircare line recently sent The Glow Up its new array of hair accessories; a five-item collection of necessities for any curly, wavy, coily or kinky-haired fan of the line.

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At first glance, these items might not look remarkable. But simply put, they’re evolved versions of beloved utilitarian basics—bobby pins, scrunchies and elastic hair ties—made more durable and better tailored to textured hair (though they’re for all hair types). While they might not spark the same excitement of, say, something sparkly, if you’ve long struggled with conventional bobby pins falling out of your up-dos or have been craving a cooler alternative to bonnets as a sleeping accessory, you may want to give these upscaled “everyday essentials” a try. Via a press release from Pattern, the collection includes:

  • PATTERN Hair Pins Variety Pack ($17): When your hair needs extra stability. Extra-sturdy pins to pull any look together. Includes 30 XL hairpins, 30 regular hairpins, 30 textured bobby pins and a reusable storage box.
  • PATTERN Hair Ties ($6 for 5): When your hair needs heavy-duty hold. Super-stretchy, extra durable and snag-free, the must-have accessory for tight ponies, snatchbacks, buns and puffs.
  • PATTERN Jumbo Scrunchies ($10 for 3): When your hair needs a gentle drip. Choose from satin or velvet finishes to hold hair in place without leaving a dent. Jumbo-sized to hold big, beautiful hair in luxury.

As the prices may indicate, these aren’t your average essentials—but we tried them before you splurged to buy them, so you can check out our video to see our big Beauty Tuesday review...and when’s the last time your drugstore basics came with how-to videos from Tracee Ellis Ross?

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, co-host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door...May I borrow some sugar?

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