Beyonce, Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy Carter attend the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018 in New York City.
Photo: Christopher Polk (Getty Images for NARAS)

Sometimes, you feel like a skirt. Sometimes, you don’t.

I’m not sure it’s possible to overestimate the impact of anything BeyoncĂ© says, does, wears, or eats. In 2016, she effectively reminded the world that New Orleans is still the shit, Coachella will never be the same after her groundbreaking appearance last April, the Louvre credits her with breaking their attendance records in 2018, and this week alone, she’s already compelled countless members of the Hive to attempt a plant-based life.


Influence, thy name is Beyoncé.

But I guess now we know why Bey is pushing a vegan diet—reduced carbon footprint notwithstanding: Eating a bunch of zero-point Weight Watchers foods may be the only way one can hope to pull off the early ‘90's look she rocked on Wednesday.

Wait. Is that... it couldn’t be. No, I think it really is... a friggin’ skort?

That’s right, folks. The real challenge BeyoncĂ© issued this week was not giving up meat, but being brave enough to revisit one of the most despised fashion trends of the 20th century: the dreaded skort.


Once primarily the bastion of professional female golfers and tennis players, in the 1990s, the skort found a home on Midwestern suburban moms. It was a dark, dark time...

But while Beyoncé’s a mom of three, this ain’t your mama’s skort. Bey’s micro-mini, zip-front version from Alexander Wang ($790) somehow renders the skort... sexy? Of course, it could be her transparent “Marlow” crystal-embellished slingbacks ($1,295) or satin “Attica” bag ($550), also by Wang. Or maybe it’s the love on top Bey is giving us with her super-throwback Western-inspired black lace blouse and statement buckle belt by Saint Laurent—peep the kerchief tie at her neck.


Or perhaps, it’s the dramatically darker hair Beyonce’s sporting with this look that is giving us a definitive mood—but is it a mood your average civilian can ever hope to mimic? In short, it takes a lot of money (and target toning) to make a skort look this good. Admittedly, we simply don’t have the range.