Rodarte: Where Black Beauty Blooms This Season

@rodarte via Instagram
@rodarte via Instagram

Women who inspire us? Well, these women most certainly do! We’re thanking Rodarte—the two-sister design team from Los Angeles—for bringing us these stunning images of strong, smart, stellar women to sweep us into spring style.


Just in time for fashion week, their 2018 Fall-Winter portrait series features Tessa Thompson, star of HBO’s Westworld; Black Panthers Danai Gurira; and Chloe x Halle, the singing sisters now also part of the cast of the new hit show Grown-ish.


Rodarte burst onto the scene back in 2005. Their deft handling of unusual materials rapidly made them a favorite label of fashion insiders. Their modern take on couture balances both the fierce and fragile sides of femininity that we all possess; because even though sometimes we may look pretty and delicate as women, we can run circles around anyone in lace and high heels if we want to ...

Just ask the roster of women slaying in style in this season’s campaign for Rodarte.

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I love this photo of Danai Gurira she not only looks regal (she always looks regal) she’s very delicate here as well, which is not something that gets afforded to dark skin black women very often.