Serena Williams plays forehand in her first round match against Tatjana Maria of Germany during the 2019 Australian Open on January 15, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.
Photo: Julian Finney (Getty Images)

Feeling playful?

Serena Williams sure looked as if she was, while shutting down Germany’s Tatjana Maria in straight sets during her first round match at the 2019 Australian Open. Memorably, after Williams’ black catsuit caused a small furor in the French Tennis Federation last year, the Women’s Tennis Association subsequently cleared the way for catsuits for its players. And as if in celebration, Williams returned to the court with a new look that fell sleekly within the WTA’s new guidelines.


The look she served? An emerald green romper by sponsor Nike that had our favorite tennis star looking like money as she dominated the court on Tuesday. With many praising the return of the formfitting silhouette Williams first debuted at the 2002 U.S. Open while working with Puma, husband and head cheerleader Alexis Ohanian made it clear he was very into his wife’s new spin on the look.

Frankly, we weren’t sure when we’d see this look resurface, after Williams’ coy response to the FTF controversy. During a US Open press conference last August, Williams shrugged off the outfit-policing, telling the assembled press:

“When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender, so it would be a while before this even has to come up again.”


And for those who remember exactly why Williams was wearing last year’s catsuit in the first place, she has indeed found a workaround to prevent the blood clots she suffered after giving birth in late 2017. These days the she-ro is channeling her inner Beyoncé by continuing to wear fishnet stockings with her shorter looks.

But what we’re really loving? The red, black and green Nikes Williams rocked with her romper. Must. Have. Now.

Photo: Mark Kolbe (Getty Images)

Memorably, the last time Williams played the Australian Open, she was pregnant with daughter Alexis Olympia, making this return especially dynamic, as Williams is, in her own words, “playing solo this time.”


But while Williams has teased having siblings for Alexis Olympia (and Ohanian is clearly ogling his wife), for the time being, it looks like the phenom’s next priority is regaining her championship status this season.

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