Sasha Obama Steps Out for Prom, Looking as Graceful as Only Michelle’s Daughters Can

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They grow up so fast.

Sasha Obama, youngest daughter of America’s most eligible adoptive parents Michelle and Barack, attended her high school prom on Friday, looking as glamorous as only the progeny of our forever-FLOTUS could.

Sasha, rumored to be off to the University of Michigan after next month’s graduation, popped up in a few pre-prom photos this weekend. Standing beside her date, Chris Milton (according to the Daily Mail), the pair set social media ablaze when their snapshots hit the Internet.

Sasha wore a classic black dress to the Sidwell Friends prom, while Milton, whose waves were sure to have made a few chaperones seasick by the end of the night, matched Sasha’s fly in a classic black tux and the quiet confidence of a man taking the President’s daughter to prom.


Sasha can be seen with Michelle in one photo and Malia in another, though the 44th President is nowhere to be seen in pictures.

The internet was quick to praise the elegant young pair (after realizing she was trending for all the right reasons):


We’re sure the pair enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends, making one of their final memories as high school students.

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Awww, y’all remember how young they were on election night?! To see them turn into such nice young ladies makes my heart smile! I just love what a great example they set. And she’ll be 30 minutes from me so I’m sure I’ll see her in Ann Arbor often.