Sephora's Insider Rewards Are More Rewarding This June—You Can Use Them to Support Black LGBTQ+

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If you consider yourself a regular at Sephora, no doubt you’ve signed up for and accumulated points and rewards through their Beauty Insider Program—maybe you’re even enough of a product junkie to be a VIB or Rouge member and participate in their active online community. But for the month of June—also known as Pride Month—the retailer has a more rewarding way to use those points than trading them in for trial-sized luxury products and makeup accessories. Instead, you can really make them count by donating them in support of black LGBTQ+ lives via the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC).


As Refinery29 reports:

Sephora’s latest Charity Rewards initiative encourages shoppers to use their rewards points as a fuel for change in America. Accordingly, the retailer has pledged to donate dollars for points—500 points equals a $10 donation, 1,000 points equals a $20 donation, and 1,500 points equals a $30 donation—directly to the NBJC and their efforts to empower and support the marginalized Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities.

If you’ve got 500 points or more you’re willing to allocate in service of our LGBTQ+ community, it’s as simple as signing in to your Sephora account; under the profile tab, scroll down to “Shop Rewards Bazaar” and scroll again to look for ‘Charity Reward - National Black Justice Coalition” in each rewards tier, and choose the level you’d like to donate. From there, you can simply check out, as usual, knowing you’ve put a little more beauty—and equality—into the world. And since Sephora also carries black-owned luxury-level brands like Fenty Beauty, Pat McGrath Labs, Adwoa Beauty and Briogeo—and will hopefully join the #15PercentPledge to get more black beauty brands on their shelves—if you’re not an Insider, June might be a great time to sign up and start earning those points.

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I know this is petty but...I can’t just cash in my points for this without making a purchase, Sephora? I tried to do this yesterday, and you can only redeem your rewards without a purchase if you’re getting something worth 750+ points. Like, I get not shipping someone a 100-point sample of dry shampoo if they don’t buy anything, but you can’t just go ahead and click “send” on a charity donation unless I buy some lipstick, too? Yes, I know I can just make the donation myself (and now that I’m bitching about it, I suppose I had better) but still.  Seems like poor planning on their part.