Sure, You Can Ask Rihanna About Getting Pregnant—If Your Name Is Anna Wintour

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There are precisely two questions Rihanna has been fielding constantly all year—all with fairly good humor: 1) Where is that album you promised? (Answer: lol) and 2) So,


The latter could easily fall under the category of gross, presumptive and very gendered prying were it not for the fact that Rihanna has hinted quite strongly that she wants to have a family. Rumors about a potential Heir Fenty kicked into high gear after Rihanna dished to actress Sarah Paulson in Interview magazine this summer that she wanted to be a mother “more than anything in life.”

Cue months of subsequent gawking at Rihanna’s public appearances and outfits, with gossip sites and fans alike trying to divine a baby bump under ruched designer dresses and strategically placed purses. It’s the kind of scrutiny that would (understandably) make a person clap back (and we all know Rihanna is quite agile with hers), but the fashion and beauty mogul has been consistently graceful in fielding the attention—including one recent exchange with fashion icon Anna Wintour for Vogue.


Clearly taken aback, Rihanna rih-sponded: “I don’t think about stuff like that, but—God’s plan! I look forward to all the pregnancy rumors after this interview.”

Speaking at the Guggenheim Museum last Friday for the launch of her new photo book, Rihanna by Rihanna, the 31-year-old pop star elaborated on the Vogue editor-in-chief’s question.

“A lot of women get very defensive. It’s personal. It’s our bodies. And, of course, it’s our time. And it’s not necessarily everyone’s dream to be a mom, but it’s mine, so I’m fine,” she told Extra. “Anna just wants to know what the people want to know.”


Page Six reports the Guggenheim party-goers were enthralled with Rihanna’s presence (because they have blood running through their veins), with sources gushing to the gossip outlet: “She was so gracious. She hugged so many people,” and “She should definitely be our next president. She has to be our next president.”


Uhmmm, she isn’t already? That’s news to me!

A necessary caveat here: asking Rihanna about her plans to have a baby makes sense when you’re the woman who put her on the cover of Vogue six times. That degree of familiarity doesn’t fly quite as well for everyone else. As one recent fanboi learned at Rolling Loud festival in New York this past week, getting too comfortable will cost you your feelings:


There are a few redeemable qualities of 2019: we were graced, briefly, by the presence of a near-perfect chicken sandwich, Lil Nas X invented both country and paninis, and our president Robyn Rihanna Fenty is out here, flexing and flourishing.

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