Thank God for Marsai Martin

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Photo: Leon Bennett (Getty Images)

If anyone needed a visual tonic (and a literally gin and tonic) for this terrible, no-good, very bad week in The Discourse™, I submit this photo of the wonderful, absolutely good, very excellent Marsai Martin at the Lexus Uptown Honors Hollywood earlier this week.

This is a perfect look from the 15-year-old actress and producer, who is growing up right before our eyes (insert a million crying face emojis here).


The ’80s-inspired silk-satin jumpsuit is divine and fits Marsai beautifully here (even more apparent in the photos she posted of the outfit on her Instagram page). Also, big-ass bows and dramatic bodices seem to be having quite a moment in this first quarter of 2020.

Illustration for article titled Thank God for Marsai Martin
Photo: Leon Bennett (Getty Images)

But this hair and makeup really elevate this look. From the shimmering emerald wash over her eyes (don’t you DARE let anyone tell you not to match your shadow to your outfit, on Marsai’s name!) to the semi-sheer pink lip, it’s a gorgeous, age-appropriate lewk.

And. This. Hair! The sleek, box-braided bob is reminiscent of both Brandy and Maxine Shaw, Attorney at Law’s chin-length ‘locs, but that’s not the only dose of nostalgia being served up in this hairstyle. The sweetest part of this entire look is the spiral hair baubles at the end of each braid.


Happy Friday to Marsai and nobody else.

Staff writer, The Root.

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Gameface doesn`t play nice with others

Thank you Marsai’s parents for keeping a 15 year old young lady in age appropriate looks. Her initial moves to produce her own vehicles will ensure that she will be a much-needed child star to adulthood success story. Keep up the great work little sis.