The Auntie Playlist: Girl, That's My Jam!

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It’s a known fact that if there’s a party and music is playing, there will be a few aunties in the room doing the two-step, which can range from funky, freestyle Mary J. Blige to subtle, yet sassy Anita Baker. You may even hear an auntie say “Ohhhhh, this my jam” as she proceeds to sing the words, which may or may not be the actual lyrics of the song.


Whether it’s slow jams or something a little bit more upbeat, no black function is complete without a dancing and singing auntie. And to be honest, the concept of being an auntie is more about a feeling than an actual age—it’s the sweet spot between still being able to “act up” to the City Girls and winding down to “grown folks” music. The songs featured on this Auntie Playlist provide a little something for every mood. Auntie tested and two-step approved.


Kenneth Kyrell is a DJ, co-host of "CURATED: The Creative’s Podcast" and media personality for "Studio 225 Live With Kenneth Kyrell" on Stationhead Radio, and embodies the definition of a true Pisces.

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Anita Baker always deserves a double the night winds down, the young folk slide out and the brown liquor settles in...with Been So Long.

A hup, bubba bup, bah buh!