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No matter the state of the world, ‘Ye is gonna ‘Ye, I guess.

The 42-year-old producer, rapper, and designer had a little chat with the Wall Street Journal recently, revealing how he helped organize A$AP Rocky’s release from a Swedish jail last year, opening up about his 2016 nervous breakdown, and waxing philosophic, as always, about his impact (specifically, about his Adidas YEEZY line).


But he’s got one more trick up his sleeve—and no, it’s not face masks (which several designers are scrambling to make in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic). It’s a $60 hoodie, available for purchase at your nearest Costco or Walmart. You know, while you’re stocking up on paper towels and Lysol.

According to Mr. West, his next goal is to design “the perfect hoodie.” Why a hoodie, you ask? Because it “is arguably the most important piece of apparel of the last decade,” West told writer Christina Brinkley (h/t Highsnobiety).


According to Kanye’s calculations, “slightly cropped at the waist, heavy as a winter coat, it would be like comfort food, biblical in its ability to soothe but futuristic in its reach. In a color like flax or dusty stone—a palette Jesus might have worn—it would be made for the masses, sold for $60 or so, folded and stacked on tables like loaves of bread,” writes Brinkley.

I know, it’s all very deep and important. Because, Kanye.

Because ‘Ye is the man of the people—when he’s not designing ridiculous rich-people sinks in Calabasas, Calif.—he divulged that he’s thinking about making this hoodie available for the style-hungry masses. Because, again, this is what folks are thinking about during the middle of a pandemic. (To be fair, West likely spoke to the Journal Magazine well before this week.)

“I like Costco as an idea,” West said. “I like Walmart, too.”

At this precise moment, I can think of nothing more hellish and unnecessary than a hoodie “heavy as a winter coat” and costing $60 in retail chains that do a terrible job at protecting their employees, but maybe that’s the point. West has always been a man with some great ideas, a great deal of trash ideas, and a generally questionable sense of timing. When so much feels like it’s falling apart in the world, why not have one thing that’s constant and true? Not the perfect hoodie (I really could give two shits about that at this exact time), but ’Ye’s undeterred, unerring, and completely uncompromising commitment to...



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