U.S. Navy Celebrates Its First Black Female Tactical Fighter Pilot

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Photo: Jason Kempin (Getty Images)

Congrats are in order for Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle, who the Naval Air Training Command is recognizing as the first known Black female tactical fighter pilot.


Per ABC News, the Virginia native recently completed naval flight school and will receive her “Wings of Gold,” a flight officer insignia bestowed upon members who are deemed qualified to operate a military aircraft. Swegle graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2017 and has been assigned to the Redhawks of Training Squadron 21 in Texas.

The U.S. Navy tweeted about the impressive accomplishment last Thursday in response to the Navy Air Training’s recognition of Swegle, writing “MAKING HISTORY!” Vice Chief of Information Rear Adm. Paula Dunn also celebrated the news, writing “Very proud of LTJG Swegle. Go forth and kick butt, and Senator Kamala Harris also offered kind words about “paving the way for young girls everywhere.”

According to USA Today, Swegle’s accomplishment comes over 45 years after Rosemary Mariner became the first woman to fly a tactical fighter jet. Swegle’s historic achievement also fell on the same day an unidentified female soldier became the first woman named to the Green Berets. USA Today writes that the reason for the anonymity of the accomplished soldier is “due to unique missions assigned upon graduation” for members of the Army. The woman is a member of the National Guard.

Pronounced "Jay-nuh."



That’s what’s up. Proud moment for her & those that love her. She should celebrate in full.