(Editor’s Update: Apparently, this opinion isn’t as unpopular as first thought.)

Today in “Baby, what is you doin’?” news: Kanye, GET OUT of here with this Yeezy season 6 campaign! We’re all for folks being their mate’s biggest cheerleaders, but this campaign is taking “muse” to sycophant levels. The “Who wore it best?” series of images feature a bevy of Insta-famous models and reality stars—and Paris Hilton, whom I’m fairly sure my colleagues conjured up just by mentioning her name yesterday—dressed as #KimClones, doing regular-degular, not-at-all-camera-conscious Kim things.


You know, because we’ve all been suffering from Kim Kardashian deficiency as of late.

To be fair, I’m generally pretty neutral on the Kardashians—probably because I personally refuse to let them take up as much of my consciousness as they have the global one—but isn’t the whole point of the sunken place to be sunk? Like, why are we looking at some sort of alternate-universe American Apparel campaign where the tube tops start at $500?

Oh, wait—maybe the clothes are supposed to give us that sunken feeling ...


I personally don’t care how beautiful—organically or enhanced—Kanye’s wife is; evoking her does not make yet another season of sad shapewear any more than that—sad. Six seasons in, I’d still rather invest in an entire spectrum of Old Navy tank tops than this line.

And while some might stand wrong and strong in the belief that Kanye is an unparalleled genius across all platforms, this collection and concept are—dare I say it?—uninspired (yet again). Aside from the ongoing implications of depicting your wife as a highly replicable approximation of a Barbie, at the very least, I suppose we can now say that Kim has also been a victim of appropriation.


In that case, maybe it’s a karmic nod—because, bitch, he stole your look.

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. Minneapolis born, Chicago bred, New York built. Nuance is her superpower.

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