At only 17 years old, Tania Speaks turned her pain into a huge profit after classmates bullied her for her bushy eyebrows. She is now the founder of the successful beauty product, Brow Boostas well as the recent men’s grooming line, Beard Boost.


Throughout elementary and middle school, Tania was verbally and occasionally physically abused regularly by other kids. Eventually, she tried to cut off her eyebrows, even ending up in the hospital after cutting herself badly and bleeding heavily. She researched and tested organic ingredients to help her eyebrows grow back—and it worked. Brow Boost was eventually born, and grew 60% in its first five months. Not to mention that in the process, this amazing young lady skipped her junior year because of how well she was doing academically.

As it turns out, October is National Bully Prevention Month. Tania, who literally transformed scars into success, is a great example of turning that negative energy into something positive. She never let bullying hold her back, proving you can’t bully a boss. Watch the video above to hear more of her inspiring story.

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