#WCW: Laverne Cox Is Beauty Goals on Gay Times’ Special Pride Edition

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Screenshot: Gay Times/Gay Times Ltd.

Laverne Cox is always here to serve us looks, and this month she is serving straight-up sunshine, looking stunning in yellow as she graces the cover of Gay Times magazine.

Aside from serving as a beauty inspiration for many, Cox is a true role model and trailblazer. After taking on the role of Sophia in Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, she immediately became the new face for transgender awareness and continues to open doors for trans people around the world. She created the hashtag #TransIsBeautiful and touched on it in this issue.


“I started the #transisbeautiful hashtag to empower trans folk to love all the things that make us uniquely and beautifully trans. It’s not about embracing cis-normative or white supremacist beauty standards, but about embracing what you got going on,” Cox said to Gay Times.

I think we can all agree that trans is beautiful, but why is it that we don’t see more trans people on fashion magazine covers? We’d love to see this kind of love and support—not to mention fashion stories—for Cox in more mainstream outlets. Also, why do we only see her during Pride Month?

Laverne is just one example of the many ways that trans people are beautiful and should be more visible, which is why she’s one to watch this #WomanCrushWednesday.

Montana Couser is a recent Howard University grad and Philly native.

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Laverne looks amazing in these photos, as always. She always makes me think that whatever I’m doing in my own life, I need to do more.

Also - I can’t stop looking at that coral sweater.