Will Smith Launches Fresh Prince-Inspired Limited Edition Merchandise

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For any 90s Baby who grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith will forever be the nephew of Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil. Now the 50-year-old actor and director is paying homage to the show that made him a star. For a limited time only (72 hours!), Will Smith is releasing a pop-up line of merch dedicated to the iconic Fresh Prince era.


Through Sunday only, you can shop Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air goods, a collection called “The Same Kid From West Philly”. Each piece comes with a commemorative record sleeve highlighting songs from Smith’s Hip Hop career with DJ Jazzy Jeff. In addition to retro graphics heavy on 90s nostalgia, three of the tees from Smith’s line use old school heat reactive technology, allowing the colorways to shift depending on temperature:


If you’re not into the retro multi-colored tie-dyed hues, there’s still a range of basic black hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts in addition to snapbacks, a wallet, keychain, and a journal. Item prices range from $10 to $120, and are available for a limited time; grab yours before they disappear Sunday!

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