Yeezus Price: Kanye Charges $255 for 'Holy Spirit' Hoodies, $50 'Jesus Walks' Socks

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Photo: Rich Fury (Getty Images for Coachella)

Gospel music wasn’t the only Christian tradition Kanye West tapped into during his Sunday Coachella performance—the good Pastor ‘Ye also indulged in a good old fashioned holy hustle, selling basic “church clothes” for $70 to $225 a pop.


Now, when you think of “church clothes”—especially on Easter Sunday—you may be thinking of sanctified freshness: crisp linen suits, pastel sheaths and floral tea skirts, or maybe an ornate, attention-grabbing church hat.

That is not what Kanye sold.

Keeping with his preferred aesthetic, West complemented his performance with church merch straight out of a zombie apocalypse: selling muted beige and muddy mauve hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts and socks bearing the words “Sunday service at the mountain,” “Trust God,” “Holy Spirit,” and the self-explanatory “church socks.”

Divinely inspired? Maybe not, but the prices certainly had some people calling out the Lord’s name. Socks were sold at $50 a pair, while T-shirts started at $70. Hoodies fit for an apostle to, I don’t know, sit in an overpriced slice of desert, ran between $175 and $225.

And in case you doubted the power of the Yeezy faithful, let this be a lesson: Variety reports that lines to acquire the blesséd threads stretched across the Coachella field.

Staff writer, The Root.



Oh Yeez it’s been’s just (super expensive) cult clothing...