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At this point, we ought to be used to the women of UCLA’s Gymnastics squad going viral—who could forget Katelyn Ohashi’s perfect 10 routine from last year?


Well, there’s room at the top if you’re a Bruin, a fact gymnast Nia Dennis proved with this routine (which is likely sweeping through your timeline as I type this).


Set to a mashup of songs from Beyoncé’s iconic Coachella performance, Dennis somersaults, leaps, shimmies, and even hits a little “whoa” in perfect time. The energetic routine was clearly a crowd favorite last Sunday as the Bruins faced off against Utah, but didn’t make the rounds on the internet until Thursday.

The performance won Dennis a 9.975, and though I would like to have a word with the hater(s) who denied her that 0.025, Dennis’ final flourish—placing her hands on her head to mimic a crown—says all you need to know about the performance.


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