Feels Like Spring: Ivy Park's New Palette Takes Us From Lemonade to Emerald City

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If, like me, you are currently gazing out of the window listlessly, trying to soak up whatever gray, rainy daylight you can as it gets a minute shorter every day, never fear. Beyoncé is here, ready to put our love back on top with an Ivy Park palette that is subversively spring-like—just what we need, in these dark, dark days.


At the top of this week, we buzzed the news that Ivy Park will be debuting new drip next Friday, Oct. 30. But on Wednesday, Queen Bey sweetened the pot with a preview of the new offerings on social media, introducing a very optimistic detour from the more autumnal orange, burgundy and ivory palette which marked the label’s relaunch with Adidas in January (which now feels like 9 years ago, rather than 9 months). We were fully expecting to once again have orange box envy this season, but like “The Wiz,” Beyoncé has declared orange officially over—this season’s colors are broader—and fresher—including hues of emerald, mint, citron, camel and coral.

Illustration for article titled Feels Like Spring: Ivy Parks New Palette Takes Us From iLemonade/i to Emerald City
Screenshot: Ivy Park/Instagram

What’s the same? Not much.

A few of the athleisure silhouettes we loved from Drop 1 are returning in a new colorway (because you know when you love a style, you covet it in every color available); the snapfront trouser and jacket are back, this time in a gorgeous emerald green with a seafoam stripe. (See? Oz.) Also back is the classic sweatsuit (perfect for the current and still indefinite work-from-home situation many of us find ourselves in), this time in a juicy watermelon hue with a camel stripe, ready to mix-and-match with a few other fleece separates.

Throw in a new tailored, wide-legged, mint-colored pantsuit (proving Adidas can play dress-up, too), a few Beyoncé-worthy “get me bodied” suits, some windbreaking, wing-like outwear—including a balaclava-like mask feature on one hooded jacket, so we can be safe AND stylish—and accessories galore, and Beyoncé has officially upgraded your Ivy Park wardrobe.

While we don’t know which of the new hues Bey will be choosing for her massive boxes of celebrity swag this season, but should I somehow, by the grace of all that is good in Parkwood, be blessed with one at my doorstep, this is what my winter will look like...

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Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, co-host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door...May I borrow some sugar?

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Burgundy is my favorite color as evidenced by my car and throughout my home.

But that first Ivy Park collection: Nope, on color combo and all the silhouettes.

This collection rollout: Nope, on all the colors and silhouettes.

That green pregnancy photo shoot dress: Nope (and nope to its original iteration as JLo's 'show-stopper').

That yellow Super Bowl croptop jacket: Nope

The most I can say about Beyoncé’s clothing & styling is that they are tailored to her body well. But everything else about it is over-hyped ugliness on par with Kanye’s collections bland, formless insane asylum collection. Why one sells better than the other is a testament to mass delusion by marketing.

Oh, I admit to having one pair of Dereon jeans that looked good on me many years ago. But a belt loop popped on ‘em the second time I wore ‘em. Enough said.